Selected Presentations

“On First Nature and Second Nature in Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis,” The International Hegel Conference, Stuttgart, Spring 2017.

“The Missing Mother,” Freud Museum, London, Spring 2017.

“Freud’s Tin Ear,” St. John’s College, Cambridge University, Spring 2017.

“’Leaving Heaven to the Sparrows and the Angels’: On Freud’s Critique of Religion,” Center for Jewish Studies, Berlin, Spring 2016.

“’To Me Mysticism Is Just as Closed a Book as Music’: On Freud’s Aversion to Music,” The International Psychoanalytic University,  Berlin, Spring 2016.

Geistigkeit: A Problematic Concept,” Revisiting Freud and Moses: Heroism, History and Religion Conference, Center for the Study of Religion, University of California Berkeley, Fall 2015.

“Sigmund Freud: A Philosophical Physician,” Keynote Address, 11th Joseph Sandler Conference, Sigmund Freud Institute, Frankfurt, Winter 2010.

“Monotheism and the ‘Repudiation of Femininity,’” The Force of Monotheism Conference, Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna, Fall 2009.

“From Fascism to Fundamentalism: Psychoanalysis and Critical Theory Today, Psychoanalysis in the Twenty-First Century Conference, University of Chicago Center, Paris, Spring 2008.

“The Hermeneutics of Suspicion Reconsidered,” Phenomenology and Critical Theory Conference, The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center at Duquesne University, Pittsburg, Spring 2007.

“Freud, Fliess and Jung: Conflict and Creativity in Psychoanalysis,” Richardson Research Seminar,” Institute for the History of Psychiatry, Cornell Medical College, New York City, Fall 2007.

“Jacob’s Ambivalent Legacy,” Freud’s Jewish World, Center for Jewish History, New York ,  Winter, 2006.

“Hans Loewald and ‘Psychoanalytic Modernity,’” The Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine, New York, Fall, 2003.

“Adorno and Psychoanalysis Reconsidered,” The International Theodor W. Adorno Conference, Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt, Spring 2003